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The roaring sound of silence

We have had a couple of months with very little sleep at night both Ivy and I. The kids have taken turns being sick as is expected this time of year. Lucca the youngest has also been getting some of her teeth during this period of time. And also got an infection in her ears so we had to get her ears drained, so she has had som hard time too. This is really no big deal, just something that most families have to get through but the feeling of not being able to help her more is taking it’s toll, and I feel helpless sometimes.

All parents of small children knows how tired you get when you don’t get to sleep properly for weeks and weeks. The sound of crying babies not only keep you awake but also make you hurt inside for the baby’s sake and eventhough you do all you can to ease their pain many times the result of your efforts are just marginal and all you really can do is to comfort the baby as much as possible and then endure the sleepless nights until it’s over.

We now seem to be over the worst part and they both are getting better. Fie has been ok for some time and Lucca seems to be on the way to recover too.

Today I lay her down in her bed for a midday nap, and when she started rubbing her eyes with the back of her tiny hands as I fed her from the bottle my hope that she would fall asleep and not be in pain started to rise. Just a few minutes later she was sleeping deeply.


She slept for 20 minutes, she should have slept a couple of hours but when things are like they are you learn to appriciate the small things…

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my car waiting for Ivy, (I’m picking her up at work) I never thought that I would get Lucca to sleep more today but in the car on the way here she fell asleep again and has now been sleeping for about an hour, and I’m afraid to make any noise that could wake the sleeping bear 😉 im just sitting here beside her with the engine shut down, listening with absolute joy to her sleeping.

And the sound of the silence when the baby finaly sleeps is almost roaring and I get a well deserved peace of mind.

Update, she has now slept for over two hours! She slept all the way from Frederikshavn to home (26km) and even continued sleeping when I lifted her out of the car. I can’t say how much I enjoy watching her sleep. 🙂

All images shot with the Iphone.

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