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This morning was total chaos. I woke up when my wife gently kissed my forhead, she is really sweet to me in the morning. Although I felt like it was still in the middle of the night, having been up working until 2 Am. So I was still in a haze when she said;

I’m off to work now honey, Fie is up and wants breakfast.

Now I was wide awake, and two of my thoughts ran around like stampeeding cows for two seconds and then both of them crashed in to the one still dreaming of daffodils and fairies in the summer meadow I had been dreaming of until that kiss was planted on my forhead. They sat still for a while before I picked them up and finaly understood the meaning of her words.

– Shit, Ivy is going to work for the first time in a year and I have to get both of the kids ready and take them to daycare… Panic spread inside again.

– Can you get Fie ready, I pleeded. But to no use, Ivy was already out the door.
And I bet she was smiling all the way to work… Like this 😀

Look here, it’s not like I don’t know what to do when getting them ready for the day, it’s just that since Ivy has been at home taking care of the girls and the house since Lucca was born about 9 months ago, I’ve been taking care of business, and that’s how we planned to have it until Ivy should start working again…
And today she was… :-O

It’s not like I never do the homely things but the domestic responsibility has been mostly Ivys. This sounds worse when I’m writing it. So I have to say that I feel that I have lifted my share around the house and kids…

Ok, ok, I admit that I’ve been priviliged and that Ivy has changed most of the poo- dipers and stood up most of the times in the middle of the night to feed the baby.

So I’m, let’s say, a little out of practise when it comes to organize an early morning with two small girls that needs to have their dipers changed, clean clothes, different kinds of breakfasts (one is soon 3 years and the other 9 months old), new clean clothes after wearing their brekfast… And of course new dipers again, because they both made nr. 2 after eating.

Ok, pack them in winterclothes, luckily Fie, the soon three year old, can get most of her clothes on by herself… but you always have to keep an eye on her, otherwise she will alwyas find something to play with while putting on her clothes. And then you will find the clothes one place and her somewhere else.
Lucca is easier in the way that she doesn’t run around playing, yet, but she has a strong aversion about getting much clothes on, so she does what she can to make things harder for me while dressing her.

Without stressing but in a good pace, we got everything right, me and the girls. In about little over an hour we where ready to go out the door and off to the daycare.

After dropping them off and returning home to work in the home office, the house seems very quiet and our German Shepherd, Erro, looks at me like if he’s saying, – You did that pretty good for a guy without practise, but you have a long way to Ivys standards… 😉

I already miss my girls, all three of them and I’m looking forward to picking them up later this afternoon.

Now, I will eat some breakfast ((I forgot earlier…) and then I’m off to work.

And all posts are better with images so here are some that I took with my Iphone.

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