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Anett & Ronny wedding

The last wedding I shot in 2009 was when Anett & Ronny got married in the beautiful castle church of Dronninglund Castle.
Winter weddings always set a special mood, this time of year close to christmas and with all the christmas lights spreading there warm lights.
Anett & Ronny lives in Oslo, Norway, but decided to get married in a castle in Denmark. We booked the wedding shoot via e-mail and phone calls but had time for a quick meeting when they were in Dronninglund a couple of months berfore the wedding to get the last things in place. We met at one of my favorite coffee shops, Café Stæhr in Frederikshavn. If you are in Frederikshavn you just have to visit them and try one of their many brands of coffee from all over the world.

I met with Anett & Ronny before noon and stayed until after the first dance after midnight. I could make use of the gorgeous winter light during the preparations, but, before the wedding that was held in the afternoon it was pitch black outside. It’s very rare to see me using flash on a wedding since I believe it doesn’t suite my style of working but for the formals I had to use some off camera flash to get the quality of light needed for them. The formals and the first dance are the only things shot with flash an the rest of the day is all daylight and/or tungsten and candle lights. I still can’t believe how good the Nikon cameras are in low light, simply amazing.

It was truly a fun day and when the time came for me to go home I thought to myself: – already, this day just flew by…

But the rest of the night would just go sloooowly as I was to discover…

I packed my gear into the car and started to drive homewards, when I had gotten about 6 meters, there was a not so great sound from the motor and when going outside to look what it was I found various parts from the engine lying of the ground…
I knew instantly that I was not driving home that night.

So after a call to my wife’s uncle who promised to come and drive me home I was in for a long wait. I put on all the cloths I had and sat down to wait for my ride home.
I was home and in bed at 4 A.M the following morning.

Usually I would be really pissed off (excuse the language) for something like this to happen since my car is one of the most important tools I have as a wedding photographer. The car, the cameras and my computer and hard drives simply just must work. It’s easy to keep backup gear when it comes to cameras. computers and harddrives but to have a spare car in your pocket is not as easy…

But I had had such a great day together with Anett & Ronny and their family and friends so I was in a sunshine mood where I felt that nothing could ruin the day.

So with a smile on my face I thought: – I’m just so happy it didn’t happen on the way to the wedding and then I fell asleep… ZZZzzzZZZzzZZZZzz

Thank you Anett & Ronny for choosing me to be your wedding photographer/bryllupsfotograf.

Here are some of my favourites from the day and at the end of the post there is a slideshow for all of you hardcore wedding fans.

December 20, 2009 - 13:29 Anett Håkerud - Kjære Jan! Tusen takk for FANTASTISKE bilder - vi er så utrolige glade for at vi valgte nettopp DEG som vår fotograf på vår livs største dag! Bildene overgikk alt hva vi kunne forestilt oss. Vi hadde jo sett dine andre flotte bilder på denne siden, men da vi fikk se de du hadde tatt i vårt bryllup - ble vi nærmest målløse! Våre gjester som også har sett alle bildene er også meget imponert. Ikke bare er de imponert over bildene, men også hvor hardt du arbeidet hele dagen. Jeg har sendt linken til familie og venner - disse bildene MÅ de bare se! Tusen takk nok en gang - dette er minner vi vil ha for resten av livet. Jeg kan love deg at vi vil se på disse bildene hver eneste dag. De er heldige de neste brudeparene og andre som velger DEG som sin fotograf! Beste hilsner fra Anett & Ronny!

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