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First in a row of portraits, Peter E. Nielsen

I have made a portrait of one of the leading politicians in Frederikshavn kommune, Nordjylland, Denmark.

I followed Peter E. Nielsen for some time and captured real life images of him doing his thing. This is the way I prefer to work because it lets me get to know the people I work with and/or for. My clients also love the way I work, for a simple reason, they don’t have to pose in front of the camera. And still I capture the best and most intimate portraits of them in their daily life. Portraying them as the individuals they are.

Peter, is a successful businessman who worked his way up from scratch to the position he holds today in the community of Nordjylland. He has a very busy life as he is running his company Expert in Ålbæk with 10 employes at the same time as he is running for mayor in Frederikshavns Kommune.

It’s amazing to see how Peter manages to multi task everything in his very busy life. It’s clear that he his very passionate about everything he sets out to do and that he really wants to improve the situation for people in Frederikshavn Kommune.

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