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Kristine & Michael, Skagen Kirke October 31 2009

As I said in the sneak peak to this wedding, I had a lousy day… But It’s when the sh-t hits the fan that you have to step up to the task and still perform at the top of your ability. Experience from earlier assignments through many years really helps…

One of the things that I really love about the weddings I shoot is during the dinner when the speakers share their thoughts about the wedding couple.
I usually get a pretty good image of my clients already when we meet or correspond with phone and e-mail ( when the client lives to far away to meet in person) before the wedding, and of course during the wedding day.

But during the speeches I really get to know them with the help from people who have known them a long time. This is something that I look forward to every time and so far my first impressions of “my” couples have been spot on.

I knew that Kristine and Michael were very warm and passionate people with taste for the good things in life before the wedding, because of the way they welcomed me into their home at our first meeting. They are also not afraid to do things by them selves and get their hands dirty so to speak. And everything that was said in the speeches confirmed this and more.

It was a really good day with very caring and happy people, everywhere I looked people were smiling and laughing, all day long…

Kristine’s wedding dress was one of the longest that I have seen and filled an entire room in their house, it was designed by the couple’s good friends, Soffi & John B. Winther.
When she was walking down the aisle it looked absolutely royal, see for yourselves…

Here is some info in Danish and after that some of my favorites from the day, and to top it off a slideshow for all of you hardcore weddingfans.


Frisør : Charlotte, Skagen frisør galleri

Makeup : Anni Winther Sunds +45 28 78 22 47

Brudekjole : Soffi & John B. Winther +45 27 20 21 57

Brudesko : Benjamin Adams fra irene´

Lingeri : Kennedys Sabro +45 86 49 52 00

Sko : Lloyd Aarhus

Kjolesæt : Kaufmann Aarhus

Ringe : Har brudeparret selv designet

Sted : Sømærket i Skagen

Kokke : Nicolai Nørregaard Restaurant kadeau tlf. +45 56 97 82 50 tlf. +45 20 15 56 15 Bornholm

November 20, 2009 - 18:30 Anna - Wow, that dress looks AMAZING! In the aisle shot & the beach shot, just wow! I don't understand how she walked around in that dress all day though.. :D Really beautiful photo, Jan, I love those portraits especially, such nice light! You did a great job, no one would know you were not feeling 100% that day!

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