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Allways find new ways

I was out shooting together with my wife’s uncle Anders today. He won’t like that I call him uncle, but he is her uncle 😉

Anders is great, all of you photographers out there knows how social one is when testing new stuff out, shoot, chimp, shoot, shoot, chimp, chimp, etc. But Anders hung in even though it was cold outside and all he could do was wait for me to stop the love affair with my camera and talk a bit with him instead between bursts.

Thank you Anders for your patience. 😀

I was testing some new things with the Nikon gear. The new Nikon D3 and D700 are impressive tools. The amount of settings that you can configure to your very own taste are almost overwhelming and trying them out by yourself is the best way to find out how to use them to their full potential. Today I wanted to try some of the in camera JPEG and Picture Control settings and the image below is a result of that testing.

Without getting to technical, the quality of the files SOOC (straight out of camera) is exceptional, the dynamic range is the best I’ve seen from a DSLR and it’s easy to get beautiful results with minor post processing. Always get the exposure and WB right in the camera and the amount of PP is minimal.

Oh, and the Auto WB is phenomenal on these two Nikon cameras. It’s not only accurat, but also consistent from frame to frame. Many photographers claim that the only way to go with WB is to custom set, or using a Whibal card and shoot RAW. I used to say that too, but not anymore. The new Nikons does a great job with Auto WB in most lightning conditions.

The sharpness of the Nikkor glass is also something I love, returning from shooting with Canon for a year. Canon has always had problems with CA and lesser quality than Nikon when shooting fast lenses wide open and when shooting against the light. Even the L-series from Canon are having those problems, with Nikkor lenses I have never had any problems with that. They are just crisp and clear. 

On screen the image looks nothing short of stunning ( yes uncle Anders, of course it’s because of the model…) And tomorrow I’ll print it to see how it holds up when blown up to 42x60cm.

November 2, 2008 - 03:08 jenberry - as you said, the northern light is amazing. this is gorgeous. look at the light in his eyes!!!! I love the focus and the colors.

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