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Today, our baby daughter is officially not a baby anymore. She is almost seventeen months and has been up and running, edit, walking, since she was 10 and a half months.

I’ve been reluctant to call her a child instead of a baby, ( all parents know what I mean, the children, will always be our babies) but today, she stretched herself standing on her toes and reached as far as her small body possibly could reach and opened the closed door to her own room. I got tears in my eyes, silly, yeah, I know. but I don’t care what all you macho’s out there think of me, and I probably could lay you down in an arm wrestling match if I wanted to anyway…Tomorrow at five? Eh, no I don’t have the time then, I’ll be doing the laundry…

Anyway, Fie has grown to become a child and I will have to begin to lock some of the doors, especially the one going to my “secret closet”, my office of course. I want to delay the conversation that starts with: -Dad, look, I can also hold your superduper fast lensssssssss, crash…. Sorry, dad. -Oh, it’s ok honey, run to mama and wash your hands, its time for supper. And when she’s in the bathroom I will be caressing the pieces of the 200 f2, wishing she hadn’t grown up so fast…

Here’s a couple of shots of Fie in her newly knitted sweater, that she got from her great grand mother.

She’s so beautiful!

October 27, 2008 - 02:45 erica sergio - she is beautiful! i really like your work. great job.

October 16, 2008 - 18:32 Sarah - I know I already told ya [b] school, but I can not get enough of these images. THEY.ARE.FANTASTIC. She is a doll baby! Great Work!!

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