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Louise and Thomas

Sunshine, clear blue sky, happy friendly people, yesterday was a “world class” day..!

I met Louise through another client, Lisa, who’s twin daughters I captured some real life photos of early this year. Lisa is also the owner of Salon Fashion in Skagen, Where Didde, responsible for doing Louise’s hair for the wedding, works.

It makes me very glad and proud when clients are so happy with my work that they recomend me to their friends, it’s like a warm fuzzy feeling spreading through my soul… 😀 Thank you Lisa.

Anyway, Louise and Thomas choose a fantastic day for their wedding. Louise was radiant, Thomas very handsome and I had a blast capturing all of the wedding photos. We went down to the beach together with their boys and just had fun. Capturing some very relaxed, real life portraits and beautiful details. Louise and Thomas are an awesome couple, very easy going and down to earth. And it’s easy to see the love they share. We had a great time and kept our time schedule so they got back to their guests in time for the reception.

Thank you so much Louise and Thomas, for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.


The wedding dress, Louise’s shoes and accesories came from Snehvide Brudekjoler i Vodskov.

Thomas’s clothes comes from Huset Pico, Aalborg. And his shoes from Skoæsken, Skagen.

The rings comes from Stenbroen Guld og Ure, Skagen.

The fantastic flowers  was put together by Sofie from Ålbæk.

Louise’s make up was done by Vivi from Estetique, Skagen.

Louise Kvist sang ”The Rose” in the church.

The reception was held at one of the absolutely best located restaurants in Denmark, De2Have at Grenen on the very top of Denmark,


And now for some shots from the day:

I also have two slideshows for you. If you are a hardcore wedding fan or maybe one of the guests from this wedding, you might want to watch the long version. And if you just want the highlights check out the short version.

Both slideshows are at the end of this post, after the images.






Thomas gets a hand from his father, to get the flowers to stay in place…Later in the day, Thomas does the same for his son. I just love to see the relationship and connection between family members.



Louise looks like a movie star, she was absolutely radiant, shining with beauty all day…


The nature in northern Denmark is very beautiful, harsh but beautiful.


The wedding cake was a success.


I just couldn’t resist posting this image of the bride and groom after tasting the cake. I heard Thomas say to Louise, – I’m going to have more of this cake… Louise was at the time not able to respond, as you can see she is in seventh heaven. Totally absorbed by the taste…


The boys:



The couple:



The flowers:



The last one…0118-louise_thomas_0111


The Slide shows:

The first one is the short version.

Please, be patient and let the slideshows load.



May 25, 2009 - 18:46 Anna - I love that dress shot, amazing light! And what a fantastic location for a reception, it must've been so beautiful.. Great work with the photos!

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