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It seems I write to this blog about once every two years, haha! Again it’s about Fujifilm cameras.

Ok, my blogging has been put off for quite a while. Other things in life have been more important. Much has happened during these two years and now I feel an urge to start writing again. Let’s see if I can be of use to some people or if I’m just ventilating for my own sake. Anyway, let’s begin where I left off. My last post was about the Fujifilm X-pro1 and it’s autofocus abilities. Since then the quest to find the right equipment for my style of shooting has been continuos and I went through the Leica M9, Leica M240 and came back to the Fujifilm line when the XT-1 was released.
My reasons for giving up my trusted and much loved Nikon gear was size, weight, shutter sound and the possibility to focus manually. The autofocus of the Nikon D4 is fantastic in most situations and leaves most cameras behind without a real competition really. (Hold the flame wars, please, I’m sure Canon has a model that is equally fast.) I just felt that in some situations I wanted to be able to manually focus, for accuracy and speed. Sometimes it’s a slower process to choose between AF-points and then press the AF-button than to manually focus and as many of you know the modern DSLRs are not made for manually focusing even though it is possible. The new AF-S lenses are not mechanically geared and you have to rely on electronics (fly by wire) and that is not optimal when manually focusing in my opinion.
So I tried a couple of different cameras out and found that the Fujifilm X-Pro1 was not quite there when it came to the EVF and some ways the camera handled. The Leica M9 had beautifully rendered files but was useless above ISO800 and to my surprise had a very loud  and annoying shutter sound. The Leica M 240 was much better in those regards but had other issues. The M240 did not have the same magic CCD as the M9 but very pleasing in it’s own way though. The high ISO was not to impressive even though it was much better than the M9 and for my taste it was usable up to ISO 3200.
So, I bought and shot with the Fujifilm XT-1 and Fujilenses for more than 6 months and was quite happy with the Fuji gear. I even shot som action with it. It is possible to use for grabbing a good action shot once in a while but it´s not really meant to be an action camera (or Fuji totally dropped the ball on that one if they intended it to be). Anyway I shot everything with the XT-1 and have nothing to really complain about when it comes to the files or handling. It doesn’t handle as a DSLR but then again it´s not supposed to either. I have used the Fujifilm XT-1 for very high ISO- shots and and made 70×100 cm prints from ISO6400 that look really good. All in all, a very good camera system that can be of great use for most photographers except hardcore action and sports-shooters. One drawback though was that Lightroom didn´t like the Fuji Raw files and was actually pretty slow handling them. Which for me that shoot a lot was pretty annoying over time.
Since I have always loved to shoot sports and action, after a while I began to long for some long fast glass and a camera with really quick and accurate continuous auto focus so my eyes started wondering again. They fell on the newly released Nikon D750. I still wanted a small and light body, otherwise I might well have gone back to the Nikon D4. In the Nikon D750 I found a camera with great autofocus as well as excellent high ISO- performance and everything else that always have been great regarding the Nikon professional models.
So now I´m a Nikonshooter again. I do have some things that I´m not totally satisfied with regarding the D750. It´s not as fast handling as the D4, sometimes it feel a little sluggish at startup or when going in to the menus, but I can live with it for now. The files I get out of it are great and Lightroom handles the Nikon files much better than it did the Fuji files.
I have come full circle, and all the reasons for trying out new camera gear has faded. Maybe I just had to see something new, I don´t know. Shooting with Nikon again feels like I have come home. Never say never but I don´t believe that I will shoot with any other brand of camera anytime soon. Unless, something revolutionary happens in the world of cameras.
I´m eagerly waiting for the Nikon D5 to come in a year or so though…

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