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It seems I write to this blog about once every two years, haha! Again it’s about Fujifilm cameras.

Ok, my blogging has been put off for quite a while. Other things in life have been more important. Much has happened during these two years and now I feel an urge to start writing again. Let’s see if I can be of use to some people or if I’m just ventilating for my own sake. […]

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You think Fuji X-Pro1 has slow or bad Autofocus, No it hasn’t, you just have to learn how to shoot with it properly!

Bold statement? I don’t think so. Ok, first off, I know that the Fuji X-Pro1 and the rest of the X-serie cameras don’t behave like a Nikon D4 with top of the line Nikkor lenses! How do I know? Because I shoot Nikon D4 with top of the line Nikkor lenses daily. I love my […]

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OSCARSSON- real life wedding in Hjørring

I know I have written this before but last weekends wedding just made the thought pop into my mind again. Statistically it must be raining on very few saturdays, at least in Denmark where I have been shooting most of my weddings the last couple of years. I have had one or two weddings where […]

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